Saturday, October 10, 2015

Alexis September Field Trip- Challenge Land

Alexis found that she could make her name with pretzels.

In September I got the chance to accompany Alexis on her class field trip to Challenge Land. Challengeland (Kalandpálya) offers several zip-lines, from short and low, indented for kids to higher and more adventures rides, designed for adults. This huge playground is located in the Buda Hills. Visitors can zip through the woods, climb the climbing wall, explore a large underground labyrinth or go on a canopy walk. Your adventure begins with gear outfitting (included in the price) and a climbing course.

On the bus.

Leaving Challenge Land is "torture". Get it. Lol

Happy Fall Y'all!

I really love fall. The cooler temperatures are a relief from the hot summer son. It got hot this summer in Budapest.  The colors of the leaves are beautiful.  The golden greens, rustic reds, and vibrant oranges abound.  And just maybe because it means my birthday is around the corner.

 Berries that I found along the side of the road on a walk one day

We had the opportunity to go apple picking in Budapest, Hungary. I've never been before but I hope we make it a part of a new family tradition.

We ended up with six heavy bags of apples. We have already enjoyed a delicious apple crisp 
and will probably be enjoying apples for weeks to come.

David's October Field Trip- Vasarely Museum

I had the opportunity to tag along on David's field trip to the Vasarely Museum. He's been studying Geometry in school so it was nice that they also made the connection with shapes in art.

Going into the exhibit.

David's Favorite Photo
 Is it a gem or is it a tunnel? I can see both.

Established by Victor Vasarely in 1987, the Vasarely Museum of the Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest is the public institution that gives perhaps the most comprehensive overview of Victor Vasarely’s oeuvre.

David chillin'

David got a chance to make his own art.

Actually a large rug.

Mom's Favorite Photo.

Or is this Mom's favorite? 

This boy loves chess!


I had the opportunity to go on a trip to Visegrád, Hungary with some ladies. We visited the castle  It was so beautiful. We visited the Castle. The Citadel part of the fortress is perched high on the top of the hill underneath it lies the Lower Castle. You can see the Citadel from the road. I look forward to another day trip to explore that part of the Palace.

Visegrád is 40 km north of Budapest, where the Danube meanders though the 
Börzsöny and Visegrád hills with a sharp turn. 

 Due to its favourable location with the Danube and the rocky hills Visegrád played important strategic role in the lives of the Celts, Avars, Romans then in that of the Hungarians. The Romans built a fortress here during the reign of Constantine the Great.